Artist Statement

Effortless Resurrection<br>
Effortless Resurrection
The Ocean's Majesty<br>
The Ocean's Majesty

I describe my paintings as vibrant, high energy and emotionally uplifting. Often, I do not use brushes, palette knives or any traditional artist tools in the creation of my work. The focus is on employing bold colour palettes and layering colours to create transparent and emotive mystical veils of light which often appear to illuminate the painting from within. The end results are visually arresting, dream-like paintings that ebb and flow and are in a constant state of motion. People often comment on the transparency and intensity of the colours. Due to the nature of my process colours collide and blend before me on the canvas to create hues unimaginable or expected.

The joy I feel witnessing this process unfold before me is euphoric and provides endless and eternal inspiration.

I paint to convey my eternal optimism and hope I have for all of humanity in our often complicated world.

It is my hope that the viewer is transported, if only for a moment, to a place where the difficulties we all face in life recede to the background allowing the heart and soul to soar skyward.

Brooke Palmer

Toronto, 2020

In Flight<br>
In Flight